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Team Coaching

In today’s business world the  competition is constantly nipping at your heels. When any part of your team is performing at or below average, it can  affect the success of the whole organization. 

Let’s be honest, whether you are a  business owner,  a CEO, or a Manager, you set the tone for everyone on your team. If you want to turn a team around, produce real results, and create a culture of cooperation and  productivity, it is imperative that you make team development your highest priority. If you do, so will every member of your team. When  everyone puts their energy and focus on a successful outcome, the results can be magic. 

Building an effective team doesn’t happen naturally and it certainly doesn’t  happen overnight. Great leaders know that it takes consistent focus and attention – two things most leaders simply don’t have enough time for. 

But with the right tools and an effective coach, you can turn your team into one that consistently focuses on producing real, measurable results. We  don’t pretend to be experts in your line of business, but we are experts in coaching teams through a process designed to help you create a trusting environment in which team members are comfortable addressing difficult issues, barriers to achievement are addressed and shared accountability becomes the norm. As a result, morale increases, productivity soars, and you get the measurable results that you want. 

Build a high performing team that achieves goals and results that matter.

Best Year Yet System for Teams

Team building

Best Year Yet is a practical and proven, coach-facilitated solution that quickly drives engagement, team alignment and high performance to get the results that matter most to your organization. Over 1000 organizations globally have implemented this simple and highly effective planning and performance development program.

The Best Year Yet process translates strategic thinking into operational planning enabling your team to gain clarity, focus and alignment. In addition to  performance-related results, Best Year Yet is highly effective in creating desired behavioral  and cultural shifts. As team members develop personally, they also become more collaborative and motivated to support and be accountable to one another. 

best year yet program
Leadership and team development to get results.

Align on Team Plan

Monthly Team Coaching

Monthly Team Coaching

Your Coach guides the team through a unique process of introspection, discussion, learning, and growth. A shared vision is created, learnings from the past are acknowledged and celebrated, disappointments are processed, guidelines and an operating paradigm are aligned on and team values are clarified.  Team members bring their individual voices and skills into the experience. The result is a compelling plan that highlights the top ten goals for the year. Teams are willing to carry out a plan that they have created.  

Team development coaching

Monthly Team Coaching

Monthly Team Coaching

Monthly Team Coaching

The foundation of this system is the coach-facilitated meetings to review progress to goals, uncover behaviors or obstacles that hinder forward movement and to align on upcoming month’s goals. Unlike other development programs where presenters come and go and changes in behavior are left to chance, your coach partners with you throughout the year to ensure follow through and consistent focus. Each team member scores progress to goals and enters new goals prior to team review meeting. 

Best Year Yet online software to manage goals and accountability

Track and Manage Plan

Monthly Team Coaching

Track and Manage Plan

Our Producing Results® Online (PRO) tracking and scoring software allows easy access to monitor team progress and accountability to goals. Your Coach documents and enters all Team planning information into web-based software. This tracking and reporting mechanism easily captures and communicates progress to annual and monthly goals for Team plan.  This 12-month license includes audio lessons and other resources to support performance development.