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Coaching Expands your Potential and Transforms Your Future.

Coaching Expands your Potential and Transforms Your Future.

Coaching Expands your Potential and Transforms Your Future.Coaching Expands your Potential and Transforms Your Future.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a powerful and productive experience designed to help you gain insights, overcome challenges, and obtain clarity on opportunities as you support others and allow others to support you. You benefit from the ideas, perspectives and interaction of like-minded people committed to help each other, as well as a coach who facilitates and guides the coaching discussion. Group coaching can be done for whole departments in an organization, small businesses, or a small groups of interested individuals.

Business Group Coaching

Whether you are a large organization or a small business, group coaching can help your staff achieve greater personal and professional success as well as better life/work balance. Often offered as a reward, incentive, or wellness program benefit, offering a success plan workshop and follow-up coaching tells your employees you care.

Following a Best Year Yet workshop in which employees create a personal success plan, Group Coaching can be provided on-site in large groups or via teleconference in groups of 5-10. In Group Coaching sessions, employees report on the progress of their goals, explore challenges and opportunities, and learn practical lessons to help and encourage them to produce better personal and professional results.

Monthly Group Coaching encourages employees to follow through on their goals, learn to empathize with fellow co-workers, and improves communication.

Personal Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an ideal solution for those who are interested in personal coaching but whose budget may not allow for a one-on-one coaching engagement. 

Gather a group of friends or cohorts from church, work, or a professional organization and create a success support group.  A  Coach will guide members of the group through the creation of individual  one-page success plans. The group agrees to meet with the coach and one another monthly, either in person or via teleconference to review the progress toward goals and the implementation of other elements of the plan. 

Members of coaching groups form an encouraging, supportive bond resulting in long-lasting relationships. When each person feels accountable to a whole group, the results can be astounding.

Group coaching is available to groups of 5-10 members. Limiting the group to a maximum of 10 members ensures that everyone has an opportunity for input and feedback. Multiple groups can be formed for larger contingents. If needed, Results Coaching provides the teleconference lines for monthly calls.

Best Year Yet Online Workshop

We facilitate Best Year Yet planning workshops every quarter.  Register for this half day thought-provoking online workshop designed to impact how you think and perform. includes  12-month Pro software to help you be track and manage your plan. For additional support and accountability, join a group coaching session facilitated by us.


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